Fri 12 Jul 2013
To Bird Watch Or Not To Bird Watch, That Is The Question
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Bird watching is a time-honored hobby that people have been enjoying for years. People who love the outdoors invariably at some point take an interest in watching the many varieties of birds that fly by their properties. Someone who is new to the bird watching experience may wonder if the effort is really worth the time and energy. Bird watching can be a great pastime if someone has the patience and appreciation for wildlife.

Common birds like sparrows and starlings can be interesting to watch. However, most birdwatchers want (continua…)

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Wed 15 May 2013
The Most Unique Traits That Birds Have
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Birds have some unique characteristics and some of those traits are exclusive to them. Here are some of those weird and amazing bird facts, listed here for your amusement.

Hummingbirds are the only birds who can fly in reverse and hover. They also must consume 1 1/2 to 3 times their own weight in nectar each day to fuel their bodies.
Harpy eagles have claws as big as those of a grizzly bear. They can bring to bear 530 pounds of pressure per square (continua…)

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Sat 30 Mar 2013
5 Ways You Can Help Preserve Bird Habitats
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You may love seeing and hearing birds. Unfortunately, in the modern world, bird habitats are being threatened every single day by the actions of human beings. Thankfully, you can actually do something about it. Below is a list of five ways you can help preserve bird habitats.

1. Protect Them from Your Pets

Cats and dogs are actually meat-eating predators. Make sure that they do not stray anywhere near bird habitats around your home or elsewhere. The cat or dog in question may be tempted by their natural instincts to prey on the birds there.

2. Recycle and Conserve Energy

Pollution threatens bird habitats on all seven continents. Try to decrease your household’s carbon footprint. It will help you save energy and lessen the impact you may unwittingly have on bird habitats elsewhere.
You can also help birds through your own recycling. Save things like empty plastic jugs and cups you would otherwise throw away. You can easily modify them into custom bird feeders, bird houses or bird baths.

3. Try to Purchase Bird Safe Products

Deforestation threatens the habitats of thousands of rare bird species in places like South America, Central America, Africa and even North America. Despite the destruction of animal habitats, the clearing of forests continues.

You can help decrease this deforestation by being educated on the products you purchase. Only support products that do not contribute to deforestation. This includes specific brands of things like coffee, chocolate and beef. Certain coffee brands, for example, are produced from farms that were not built after deforestation. As a practice, you should also only purchase recycled paper that does not require the chopping down of more trees that innocent birds may live in.

4. Join a Bird Conservation Group

Bird conservation groups take legal actions to protect wild bird habitats on a regular basis. If you volunteer with such a group, you can help them in their efforts to protect birds. Such groups also have fun bird watching parties and other events you may greatly enjoy.

5. Don’t Use Chemicals in Your Garden or Yard

Many kinds of artificially manufactured fertilizers and herbicides contain chemicals that can be lethal to birds if ingested. Instead, use items that are naturally produced and are bird friendly. Natural compost, for example, is produced from things like animal manure and leftover food. This will not be lethal to birds if they accidentally ingest it.

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Sat 6 Oct 2012
The Top Ten Bird Watching Societies To Belong To
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Are you the type of person who like those weekend warrior projects and want to get the kids involved? There are a lot of people who like to get their hands dirty on the weekend, but lack some of the basic understanding of general safety when it comes to working with wood.

Have you ever thought about becoming an avid bird watcher? Many people pass their time watching the passing birds and making notes. This is something that (continua…)

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Fri 5 Oct 2012
How To Find Bird Watching Clubs In The United States
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It is sometimes difficult for new bird watchers to get involved with the hobby, simply because they want a hobby that can be enjoyed in a group. Many people find that clubs in the United States are actually plentiful, if one searches for them in the correct places.

The first place to begin your hunt is the U.S. Parks department. Many state parks offer bird watching programs to the public, and usually have open enrollment. Even if the Parks Department doesn’t (continua…)

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Tue 2 Oct 2012
What Are The Top Ten Binoculars For Bird Watching?
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A good pair of binoculars is very important in bird watching. Many people take the activity and hobby of bird watching very seriously, so they want the best binoculars. There are many price ranges and models to choose from when it comes to bird watching binoculars. Beginners may want to start with a model that is priced on the low side, and they gradually upgrade their model to fit their needs. The key is to determine what is needed for one’s particular level of activity and experience. Consider qualifications such as magnification and the amount of light the (continua…)

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Fri 28 Sep 2012
Where To Find The Most Unusual Birds In the Region
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There are some unusual birds in different regions. Bird watchers will often make it there business to fly to different areas outside of the United States to do some bird watching.

Movies have even been made about bird watchers to go off on trips outside of the United States to find rare birds. People that want to voyage to African or Spain will see birds that they have never seen in the United States. There are much more than blue jays and doves (continua…)

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Wed 26 Sep 2012
Do Birds Of A Feather Flock Together?
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Do birds of a feather flock together? Yes. The great-tailed grackles and the boat-tailed grackles nest together without interbreeding. There are birds such as the lazuli bunting and the indigo bunting that look quite different but interbreed.

Birds brighten our spirits with their color, music, and amazing flight. There are over 600 species of birds that live in North America at least part of the year.

Anyone can start the hobby of bird-watching as birds can be seen and heard all over the country. You should become familiar with the bird’s appearance, their songs, and (continua…)

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